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glaze test for ron roy's satin mat, cone 6, oxidation, with subs.

updated fri 21 jul 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 20 jul 00

tested on a light grey, mid range stoneware.

G-200 Feldspar 30
Walloastonite 20
EPK 30
Frit 3134
Forshammer feldspar
Frit MOK 632=20
Glaze fired to a smooth, semi mat. Appears very hard. I will test this =
much more, but am hoping that
this will become "old reliable" for a semi matt clear and a good base =
for colorants.
Frit M.O. Knudsen 623 same as Cerama 169
0,86CaO 0,006Al2O3 1,884SiO2
0,642Na2O 0,846B2O3

This result was the most exciting of the batch, because it was a great =
launch for substituting
a local Frit for the poular American 3134.

Best regards.
Alisa in Denmark