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glaze test for chirs wolff's plum glaze, cone 6, oxidation

updated fri 21 jul 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 20 jul 00

Recipe from Ceramics Monthly, May 2000
Clay type tested is a light grey mid range stoneware.
Gerstely Borate 13,0 %
Whiting 8,7
Custer Feldspar 60,9
Kaolin 8,7
Flint 8,7
Red iron oxide 11,5%
Substitutions Forshammer for Custer
I rounded up all the precents to next highest number, leaving the RIO as =
This glaze is described as a dull brown, but giev excellent results =
underneath Cream Gloss
(see separtate post).
This glaze was not a dull brown in my opinion. It was a speckeled deep =
brown with rust and light brown specks.
Very shiny and smooth surface. It fired more of less evenly from =
thinner to thicker. No different breaking color.
It could be a substitute for premade tenmoku I have at the moment, for =
it's deep brown color, but although it glossy,
it does not have that more typical (special) glimmer of a tenmoku.
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark