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book value. pioneer pottery

updated fri 21 jul 00


iandol on wed 19 jul 00

Book Value

Dear Ingeborg,

I have the paper back edition of Pioneer Pottery and it is falling =
apart, well used over the past twenty or so years. It is a book for the =
enthusiast, easy to read, has a wealth of information and is based on =
learning through experience rather than being taught, or what comes out =
of a computer program. But you have to be intelligent and inquisitive =
when you read it because it does not give ready made answers. Those who =
wish to become independent will find it invaluable. Others who rely on =
asking direct questions then expecting instant answers will be =

rg42@BELLSOUTH.NET on thu 20 jul 00

What would an autographed copy of Pioneer Pottery sell for?

Richard Gilbert
Cherryville NC