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ian currie's book - wow!!!

updated thu 20 jul 00


Morris S. Davis on tue 18 jul 00

I want all you Clayarters to know that Ian Currie's new book, "Revealing
Glazes. Using the Grid Method" arrived in today's mail. I was bowled over
(pun intended), excited, delighted. Here are 174 pages packed with
information, gorgeous pictures, clear as a bell, written with LOL humor and
a personal touch exuding family values. This is no dry college text.

Ian Currie has succeeded in simplifying the method for which he is so
well-known, to such an extent that most potters will find it easy to
understand the complex processes of glaze chemistry and to be able to carry
out systematic tests in the development of new and exciting glazes. Wait
until you see the pictures and examples for yourselves! I wish I had had
this "text" 40 years ago, but even now at 75 years of age I can learn and
become inspired. I cherish the time I am devoting to my new pots and the
excitement I experience after each firing as new glazes emerge and I
discover some that are also failures.

I hope all you Clayarters know that Ian Currie is doing a round of workshops
in the United States this fall. So keep track of them and if there are any
you can get to, I assure you it will be worthwhile.

Dorothy Davis