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updated tue 1 aug 00


Jean Cochran on tue 18 jul 00

Dear Judy,

Thank you for the beautiful poem. I have felt your feelings. The
tragedies we suffer bind us closer together and enrich our artistic
souls. I will be glad if I ever reach the maturity, as a potter, to
elicit the same emotion with clay that you elicited from me with your

Jean Wadsworth Cochran
Fox Hollow Pottery
New Haven, Kentucky

judy motzkin on tue 18 jul 00

Here's one i wrote when a friend was killed last
year...some clay reference.


I believe in doubt and change.
I am certain of uncertainty.
There is expansion and contraction.
I understand birth. I have done it three times.
I don't know about death, except to know that it is
So that makes two things sure:
Death and uncertainty.

The Buddhists say, I've heard,
That death is like waking up after a long dream.
How do they know?
Heaven and hell?
Other worlds?
Past lives and reincarnated ones?
Believe everything and nothing…at the same time.

Some things I trust.
Fire will behave as fire, clay as clay.
I trust the moon and the tides, at least for now.
Same thing with the sun and other stars.
And gravity.
I trust myself to love my guys,
My mother to love me.

So what?
If I name all the things I believe in,
And all the things I trust, for now,
What's next?
Things I wish, things I worry about,
Things I put up with,
Things I like?
So what?

Every time we say goodbye
We may not get another chance.


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Bruce Gioia on wed 19 jul 00

----- Original Message -----=20
From: judy motzkin=20

> Here's one i wrote when a friend was killed last
> year...some clay reference.

Reminds me of something I wrote=20
for someone who was afraid to die...
(I think it fits in here)

> > I don't know. I only know i don't want to die.
> > I think i have to appriciate my life. -

Firstly understand that *you will die*....without a doubt!
Knowing this see the pointlessness of attachment.
To appreciate life you must appreciate death.
Life and death are two aspects of the same creative energy.
Fearing death, refusing to accept death you live a half life.
Prepare for death.... uncover death and you will discover eternal life.


The middle path is neither for nor against!
The divine is the totality of the whole...
Within it there is birth as well as death.
It is both the creator and destroyer...
You cannot deny destruction
without condemning creation.



Jim Bozeman on wed 19 jul 00

Another interesting fellow in the history of ceramics is a slave named Dave.
Dave wrote poem couplets on his large jars that he made. One couplet reads,
"Dave belongs to Mr. Miles, where the oven bakes and the pot biles". Another
reads, "This jar will surely hold 20, fill it with silver and you will have
plenty". Another, "July 4th is surely come, blow the fife and beat the
drum". It was illegal to teach slaves to read and write in SC but historians
believe he learned by setting type in Dr. Landrum's newspaper office. Dr.
Landrum is credited with the start of alkaline glazed pottery in the
Edgefield District area of SC and he was the first owner of Dave. Check out
the book, "Crossroads of Clay" for more of Dave's poem pieces. Jim in hot
Athens, GA
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Sandra K Tesar on mon 31 jul 00

>From Native Wisdom For White Minds by Anne WIlson Shaef comes this quote
for July 29.....

How can people say one skin is colored when each has its own coloration?
What should it matter that one bowl is dark and the other pale, if each
is of good design and serves its purpose well? We who are clay blended by
the Master Potter come from the kiln of Creation in many hues.

Polingaysi Qoyawayma ( Elizabeth Q. White)
Potter and Hopi Elder
American Indian

I know I am way behind on my clayart reading....but this one jumped out
at me. I am beginning to value the laptop as I have spent a lot of time
these past two months in waiting rooms of hospitals and patient rooms and
manage to get through clayart there which beats old magazines and the
hiatis of CM.

Sandy on Keel Mountain, North Alabama, USA
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