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highwater cone 10 clays

updated wed 19 jul 00


Sheron Roberts on tue 18 jul 00

I have been using Highwater's
Phoenix, a cone 10 white=20
stoneware for awhile. I have
tried Wonder White and
Loafer's Glory also. I=20
preferred Loafer's Glory
because it was a dream
to throw. However, when I
tried to order more, about
6 months ago, they would
not sell it to me. The person
I talked to said they were=20
having too many complaints
about it, so they pulled it
off the market temporarily.
Until they could get the bugs
worked out. So I ordered more
Phoenix and another clay
called Half and Half, which
is half porcelain and half
stoneware. I like the Half
and Half, but will stick with
the Phoenix. Phoenix has
better thermal shock properties.
A production potter I talked to
near Asheville uses it for
dinnerware and ovenware.
Phoenix burnishes well also.
I have burnished it and used it
in a few pit firings. Call them
and talk to them about what
you are looking for, they will
advise you accordingly. Or
check out their website, it
gives a description of the clay
as well as photos of each clay
fired in oxidation and reduction.
Sheron in NC
(sighing great sighs of relief
since husband-dear has finally
installed the A/C in the studio)

(A/C was donated by a friend,
husband had to replace fan motor
which fortunately we happened to
have scrounged from another A/C)

And thanks to all who gave their
advise concerning cooling the studio,
way back when, seems central A/C
was the only way to go.