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didvide circumference - make a simple tool

updated wed 19 jul 00


Margaret Barlow on tue 18 jul 00

I have been a lurker for some time never having anything to say that wasn't
said already, but I finally might be able to return just a little for all
the valuable information and help received from this list.

A while ago I came up with a simple tool for dividing any shape pot into any
required number of sections. Takes 5 minutes to make using cardboard and
string. I'll see if I can describe it.

Let's say you want to divide your pot into 5 sections.
- Take a piece of cardboard, put it on the wheel mark the centre and draw
circles on it ( like on a banding wheel) making the largest circle bigger
than the base of the largest pot you will possibly divide.
- Cut the cardboard on the largest circle.
- Using a protractor divide the circle of cardboard into the 5 equal
sections and draw lines on the cardboard from the centre to the outer edge
on these lines and punch a small hole in the centre.
- You now have a large circle of cardboard divided into 5 sections like a
- Cut on the lines of the pie, not quite to the centre so that the sections
are still attached.
- Take 5 pieces of fine string, (wool works well too) knot them together
and thread them all through the centre hole from the top side, the one with
the circular lines on it so that the knot sits on top. (Alternately glue
them in place)

You have now completed constructing the tool, here is how it is used.

- Place the circle of cardboard, knot side up on the table and let the
strings radiate out along each slit and beyond.
- Place pot in the centre on the knot, using the circles to centre it.
- Lift the strings one by one letting them slip through the slits till they
meet the pot base, bring them up the side of the pot until they all meet at
the top of the pot in the centre of the pot opening.
- Voila!! Your pot is now divided into 5 equal sections and you can draw
lines up the pot along the strings, or just mark them at intervals.

Doesn't matter the shape of the pot, one tool fits all as long as the
strings are long enough.
You can make one of these tools to divide into 7 or however many sections
you wish to divide pots into.

Hope someone can make use of this!!

Margaret Barlow,
Caistor Centre, Ontario, Canada
The "Dead" centre of the Niagara Peninsula!! Man it's quiet out here!!