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who's using cone 10 highwater clays and how are they?

updated wed 19 jul 00


Ann Crosby on mon 17 jul 00

We just goit back from highwarter clay where we purchased our usual clay
which is Craggy Crunch it will solve your problems Ann from the Joppa Crew

CYoung/NCzuchra on mon 17 jul 00

Would appreciate thoughts on Loafer's Glory, Wonder White and any other
light colored cone 10s. Also, Campbell's clay. I'm in eastern NC and have
had cracking problems with the cone 10 custom body I've used for a very
long time. Same glazes, new cracking problems. Need a new body that
pierces well and burnishes for raku as well. This body used to do it all.
Thanks for any information.

Candace Young

H. L. Rogers on mon 17 jul 00

Are you now using the Highwater raku clay? I have used Highwater
clays for a long time and have experienced problems with some of
them. Their White Stoneware (which they no longer make, for good
reason) was great for awhile, then glazes began shivering off,
attachments would begin to pull loose either in drying or in bisque
firing. I have used the Phoenix and the Wonder White, but don't have
too many comments on them - haven't used them consistently long
enough to form an opinion. I have used their raku clay for quite
awhile, and it seems to perform quite well for what I do, but I don't
do a lot of burnishing. I loved the Laguna clays I used to be able
to get at a good price from a dealer in Atlanta, but that source no
longer exists, and they are now too expensive. I did order clay from
Kickwheel last time but it's more expensive than Highwater, and
unless it performs extremely well, I will go back to Highwater next
time. I've just been a little disappointed that their clays don't
seem to be consistent.

Joyce, in the North Georgia mountains where we are getting some
welcome showers, and the gardens are growing -- ummmm, those fresh
green beans and corn!!!

Lynne at The Pottery Web on tue 18 jul 00

At 09:21 AM 07/17/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> other light colored cone 10s

I use Phoenix, a white stoneware from Highwater. I fire it in an electric
kiln at ^ 5-6 and in a gas reduction kiln at ^10. I also use it in
raku. I love the way it throws! It works well in raku also, but I have
not tried burnishing Phoenix.

>Lynne in Atlanta with a long, hot and extremely dry summer...
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