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110v kilns to cone 10

updated wed 19 jul 00


ARTISTINSC@AOL.COM on mon 17 jul 00

110 will be very expensive to fire to cone 10. it will be very hot for an
inside the home kiln, be careful.

Reynolds, Cynthia on mon 17 jul 00

i want to do some work in translucent porcelain, and live in a house without
220. has anyone had experience using a 110 kiln successfully at high
temperatures, also using lower temp porcelains with good translucency? i
have found a couple of kiln models on the internet that say they will go to
cone 10 (L&L and Cress, i think) but i want to get more info before i
decide. the house is rented, so we can't put in 220. thanks.

CARParagon@AOL.COM on tue 18 jul 00

Paragon does have two kilns capable of going to cone 10 using 120Volts.
However, they are a bit small due to the limited power available.

One is an 11" hexagon with a depth of 9"

The other is 5 3/4" w and 6 1/4" high

For more information, you can EMail: