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back injuries, stand-up throwing, etc

updated fri 14 jul 00


iandol on wed 12 jul 00

Dear Milton,

Pleased to hear you are recovering after that surgery.

"Treat your own back" is by Robin McKenzie. Spinal publications, =
Waikanae, New Zealand.

Even better is "Overcome Neck and Back Pain" by Kit Loughlin, Viacom =
International. ISBN 0684852527. There is a new edition.=20

There are several reasons why back pain may develop without prior trauma =
or direct injury.

Research done at the School of Physiotherapy in Adelaide, S. Australia =
directs attention to the antagonism between groups of muscles inside and =
outside the spinal column, between the trapezius and deep spinal muscles =
which extend from the upper neck to the base of the spine at the coccyx, =
and the Ilio-psoas group which connects the inner thigh bone to the =
lumbar spine inside our bodies. When these groups contract together they =
bring pressure to bear on the soft tissues between the lumber vertebrae, =
put pressure on the sciatic nerve and, hey presto, agony without =
anything being out of place. Short hamstrings are also a factor to =

Another often unrecognised problem is congenital. Up to 20% of the =
population may have a misdirected sciatic nerve which branches through =
the Pyriformis muscle. Excess tension on this bit of flesh pinches the =
nerve to give pain in the legs. This can be misdiagnosed as disc trauma =
or displaced bones because it presents almost identical symptoms. Get a =
competent diagnosis before rushing to the chiropractor for spinal =

Last but not least are those weak abdominal muscles which supply half =
the strength needed to keep us upright. These get overloaded with a =
brewers goitre which sags forward. The muscles are not strong enough to =
give support, transfer the load to the rear and guess what? Intense =
lower back pain.

My suggestion to everyone is to develop a program of benign stretching. =
If you can afford it, find a Trainer, go to a gym. I do. There are lots =
of books which cover this but the basic thing to do is to stretch or =
extend and hold at the distance you reach in comfort for four long deep =
breath cycles, between 15 and 30 seconds. And work on those ABS!!! Try =
to find, "Stretching for fitness, health and performance" by C.A.Oswald =
and S.N.Basco, ISBN 0-8069-0985-4. Do not go Ballistic with excessive =
swings, you may cause painful damage with the overload.

Sorry to have been so long winded but this information may help prevent =
injury as well as cure a chronic condition.

The best of health to everyone,


Ivor. One of those potters who prefers to sit to throw until the pots =
get too high to reach into, then stand to finish.