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ian currie's new book and fall workshops

updated thu 13 jul 00


Ruth Ballou on wed 12 jul 00

I have to add my voice to the chorus on this one. The book's a beauty with
lots of great pics.His fall workshops will concentrate on the approach in
the book.

Due to some last minute scheduling difficulties, there are a couple of
spaces in Ian's fall tour schedule. West Coast locations are possible the
weekend of September 9th or the end of October. East Coast/ Midwest
locations would work the end of September/ beginning of October. Anyone
belonging to an organization that would be interested in hosting a workshop
may contact me off list and I will send you the details.

September 16 Cambridge, Wisconsin ---- Mark Skudlarek

September 23 Coopersburg, PA ------ Steve Lathrop

October 14 Plymouth, Michigan ---- Nancy Guido,
October 21 Montgomery College, Rockville, MD ---Kevin Hluch

Ruth Ballou

>>Ian Currie has written another ___SNIP___glaze text with heart, humanity,
>>and humor. Here's the web info:
>>"Revealing Glazes - Using the Grid Method" by Ian Currie (Bootstrap Press)
>>To see "Contents" and extensive extracts go to:
>>To buy the book, go to:
>>web site:
>>later, Craig Martell in Oregon
>I just got my copy today, monday, and can confirm Craig's report fully.
>Even after 43 years of continuous potting, Ian's grid method has taught me
>fabulous new things about my materials. I hasten to say that both Craig's
>and I have our pots and glazes mentioned in sidebars. Hey, if understanding
>the materials we use (and their interactions) is a priority for you, you
>could do no better than to look for one of Ian's workshops to attend this
>fall. Ruth Ballou will be his stateside coordinator, as usual
>. Cheers, Hank in Eugene
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