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clay in hong kong? albuquerque?

updated fri 14 jul 00


Don Goodrich on wed 12 jul 00

Well, Jen, I can't help you with Hong Kong but from Albuquerque you can
drive as far as it is to Santa Fe (but in a different direction), and see
Acoma Pueblo which has plenty of potters. You can reach it by taking route 23
south from Interstate 40 west of Albuquerque. should give you
adequate directions, but a Clayarter in the area will probably give you
better ones. Other native towns are out there too, so if you have a week to
explore, it might be worthwhile checking out one or two. There's a wide range
of quality in pueblo pottery, and the best of it is breathtaking.

Happy travels,
Don Goodrich not venturing far (for now) from northeast Illinois

Jen Locke on wed 12 jul 00

Hey everyone... I am taking two trips at the end of the month. Does anyone
know of any interesting pottery places/studios/etc to visit in Hong Kong
or Albuquerque NM (or Santa Fe)? I'm spending about a week in each place,
and I'd love to see anything ceramics-related. Thanks!

Jen Locke


snail mail: W306 Casa La Vita, 463 Senpuku Cho, Takefu City, Fukui Ken Japan 915

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