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shelving for shows

updated thu 13 jul 00


Carolyn Nygren Curran on tue 11 jul 00

I use bookshelves which I purchase at Ames when they are on sale for $40.
They fold up easily for flat storage, and shelves flip down for minimal
set up time. One on top of another makes a unit 6 1/2' tall. They can
be used in a variety of configurations for different show sites, etc.
Although on the heavy side, I really like them. They come in oak or a
darker color as I recall. Also available from chic bookstores and such at
higher prices- better quality but mine are just fine for display. CNC

Carrie or Peter Jacobson on wed 12 jul 00

Susan Shultz and I were at the Paradise festival a month or so ago, and saw
a cool shelving idea I'd heard of but not seen. A woman (she made rugs) had
set up two ladders, put boards horizontally between them, and displayed her
wares on the boards.

Looked great! Was stable! Not too much to carry, not too expensive (wooden
ladders) and easy to set up. I will look for old, old ladders, and old,
weathered boards.

Carrie Jacobson
Bolster's Mills, Maine