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svend bayer-two day workshop, 8/12-8/13, fairfield, pa

updated tue 11 jul 00


Joyce Michaud on mon 10 jul 00

Those unable to attend the seven day workshop may wish to participate in=20
two days of the kiln building workshop. Svend talk about kiln building=20
basics, present slides and demonstrate his throwing techniques in the two=20
day workshop at the kiln site.

For more information contact: Joyce MIchaud, Hood College Ceramics=20
Program, 401 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, Maryland 21701, 301-696-3526.
info also available on the web at Academics/Art/ceramics.

Seven day kiln building workshop with Svend Bayer STILL HAS ROOM!! SIGN=

Discount for Full-Time Students!!!
If you are interested in Wood fire--You should be here!

Svend Bayer
Kiln Building Workshop
August 11 - 17, 2000 Tuition: $530

HOOD College Ceramics Program
401 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, MD 21703
Contact: Joyce Michaud
301-696-3456 or 301-696-3526

Learn to build a Thai style kiln with THE kiln building expert. =93The old=
Thai kilns are gorgeous," says Svend Bayer. They consist entirely of=20
curves and correspond exactly to the shape of a flame, =85making them one of=
the most efficient kilns to fire.=94 Join us to build this curvaceous=20
beauty. Seven full days packed with plans, information, and hands on=20

A professional potter firing exclusively with wood, Svend has designed and=
built four large wood kilns at his studio and has built wood fire kilns for=
others throughout the world. ranginf in capacity from 250-800 cubic=20
feet, all of the kilns at his studio have been based on the cross-draught=
wood fired kilns of the Far East. Svend believes that the kiln is more=20
than simply a means of hardening his pots. To varying degrees, the kiln=20
also decorates his work. Wood firing is a labor intensive method. The=20
disadvantages of having to care for large amounts of wood and the extended=
firing times are more than compensated for by the warm, sometimes subtle,=20
often dramatic colors and textures provided by the wood fire.