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a potter's workbook

updated fri 13 apr 01


clennell on sat 8 jul 00

I just got my copy yesterday and sat down and gobbled it up tonight. I
think this is one of the best pottery books I've read for awhile. A
Potter's Workbook by Iowa potter Clary Illian. It is an exercise book of
form with projects. Good for beginners and I certainly enjoyed looking and
reading about the forms she makes. black and white photos of her work.
Very nice pots.
also some good talk on some of the very issues always being addressed on
clayart, limations, pricing, machine/hand made, place, process etc etc.
I get my books from Vic Levin of Clayart. Any Canadians ought to contact
Victor. Cheaper and faster than anyone else.-
My turn to do the Toronto Outdoor tomorrow. Sheila is still there. She is
going to be pooped.
P>S I also got the new woodfired book -Woodfired Ceramics by Coll Minogue
and Robert Sanderson. A must have for any woodfirers or wannabees. A table
top beauty.

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Sour Cherry Pottery
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Beamsville, On.
Canada L0R 1B1

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iandol on wed 11 apr 01

Dear Lee,
I would be pleased if you could give me the full information about this =
text to help our travelling Librarian obtain it via Inter Library Loan =
Thank you fro bringing it to my attention.
Best regards,