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updated thu 6 jul 00


Bruce Gioia on wed 5 jul 00

My Daughter spends fun time
on the terrace with me while I klay. (she's 5)
The other day showing her friend how it is.
I overheard her say,
"it's can make anything out of it"

Kids just have a knack for the essence.

She does makes everything...from houses
to cars, animals, lolipops, butterflies,
flowers (in a real bottle with water and a wire for a stem
with four petals...its a daisy don't you know!)
She's made her "gamma" and a cooker stove.
Baby in the bonnet....and her "piece de le resistance
Three chairs and a table all set with plates,spoon, fork,
bottle and glasses ....=20

She also does pots now and again...the last one literally
took my breath away ... a bottle form with a long neck to one side.
She was watching the series I had been drawing=20
and figured that was how it was.

The essense...thats how it is.
Anything else is trifle.


Sheron Roberts on wed 5 jul 00

Although my kids are all=20
adults now, I still get to
experience that "essence"
Bruce speaks of. The friend
who uses my studio brings=20
her little girls now and then,
ages 3 and 5. As a result
I get to fire bunny tiles
(their mother makes lovely
tiles), bunny sculptures,
dinosaurs (which sometimes
after firing have become=20
puppies, at the whim of the
young artist) flowers and
butterflies. I take great
delight in seeing the look
on their faces when they
see their finished work.

And by the way, my son,
19, and my daughter 26,
will sit with me for hours,
without anyone speaking,
and handbuild, bowls and
cups. =20
The essence of those times
together: the communion
and the silence.
Sheron in NC pondering essence, silence and=20
what exactly does make=20
my pots mine.