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what to take to a fair/show/exhibition

updated tue 4 jul 00


Russel Fouts on mon 3 jul 00

I tried to have this up on my site yesterday but the server was slow. I put
it up this morning. You can find it by going to my "Links" page and
following the link on the left of the screen to my "Resources" page. You'll
find some other interesting stuff there besides ShowPrep.txt.

It's easier if you right click and save the file. I noticed that if you just
click on it the long lines don't wrap in Explorer or Netscape. I'll fix this
but am getting ready to go to work now.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. And thanks for all your great comments
on my site and links page. By the way, the links page has been updated
again. New is what seems to be Stephen Jepson's personal pottery collection.
Very nice to look at. Look for the link to "ClayNow".



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