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cm rates

updated thu 6 jul 00


mel jacobson on mon 3 jul 00

a note from cm that corrects my
costs for toni marten to recieve ceramics monthly
thank you cm.

FYI: For a one-year subscription, Toni would have to pay only $4.30 per
issue for slow-boat delivery or $5.80 per issue for airmail through an
international remail service. A much better deal than you thought!


madwa on wed 5 jul 00

Yes, Mel, that's true - but Toni isn't earning US dollars and a copy of CM
would be much more expensive for her. I get to see CM at our local
library - being a student and not earning US dollars, that's the best I can
do. Thank God for Libraries!

Sharry Madden
from Sweet New Zealand