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[re: texas junkyard dog]-workshop idea

updated mon 3 jul 00


priddy on sat 1 jul 00

> and I can't really say; it kind of depends on what the
> group is interested in. It's a hard subject to cover,
> 'making your pots your own', because if you do what
> the demonstrator does, you are then making his pots,
> not yours.
> Kind of a catch-22, eh? (a little Canadian lingo for Tony).

I wish I could come to your workshop. And I mean that.

Here's one idea for your topic:

you make pots for them that are all exactly alike.

they take the pots and clay and work without access to each other
for a half hour. Instruction "make this pot look like one of yours" =

You bring them back together and see what they did.

That would at least give you a very good "ice breaking" exercise.
And enough examples of technique and oddities to spin off.

Man, I wish I could watch...

respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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