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updated sun 2 jul 00


Joyce Lee on sat 1 jul 00

not much I can say except to repeat some of what I wrote to Mel. I was
very serious about my position as expressed in my Non-Clay-Related post
but never ever expected to trigger the reaction I've received ... can
only say, "thank you." What I vaguely hoped might occur (in addition to
my refraining from further offending claybuds) was to indirectly make
some small point about who and what we collectively believe belongs on
the List ... and offer a humble reminder that when we heavily criticize
others just for being themselves on something as valuable but innocuous
as our Clayart ... then begin planning to restict them from wherever it
is that we think they don't belong .... we may be surprised at who winds
up outside the door ... even thee and me .... especially thee. Very
human on all counts.

In the Mojave wishing she could be at David's workshop ... I have a
plate of David's in my collection and it is definitely recognizable as a
Hendley ... seems to me he could demonstrate to the group just what he
creates in his own work to make it noticeably his ... just to give them
a jumping off spot ... maybe he could bring a few examples of other
potters' work also and let the workshop participants figure out exactly
what it is that makes a pot so identifiable as Robin's or Mel's or
Tony's or George's (I'm under the influence of George Ohr right now ...
my book arrived!!!! Those glazes! .... lead in them, I'm sure..drat).