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cone 10 purple glossy reduction glaze

updated sat 1 jul 00


Carole Fox on fri 30 jun 00

Dear Clayart Friends,
Here is a shiny purple cone 10 reduction glaze that I used at the =
University of Delaware. I will post both the original recipe as well as =
what I THINK is the percentage formula. ( I never converted a recipe =
before, so you may want to check my numbers!) This glaze has depth and a =
range of colors from deep purple to red with flecks of gray. I don't =
know a thing about how it fares as far as food-safeness goes, but I sure =
saw a lot of students' functional pieces glazed with this glaze come =
through the firings and have always wondered about leaching.
Purple Gloss
Barium Carb. 996
dolomite 994
gerstly borate 994
whiting 1592
zinc 498
c feldspar 9950
flint 4976
tin ox. 200
cobalt carb 48
copper carb 398

Barium carb. 4.98
dolomite 4.97
gerstly borate 4.97
whiting 7.96
zinc 2.49
c feldspar 49.75
flint 24.88
tin ox. 1
cobalt carb .24
copper carb 1.99

The numbers for the percentages look awfully strange to me. Did I =
calculate them incorrectly?
Happy Glaze Testing!
Carole - in Elkton, MD who tried to make a contribution to the list, but =
then ended up asking a question!