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sales terms for customers ?

updated fri 30 jun 00


Kim Marie on thu 29 jun 00

I try not to vent tooooo much. I'm breaking into the world of wholesale =
which I still feel is the way to go. 3 recent occurrances

1 ...a january phone order paid by credit card when in =
JUNE I get a chargeback order initiated by the customer because the =
credit card slip wasn't signed.
I have sent all the paperwork to the card company in hopes of getting my =
money back.

2 ...I get an order from NC (I'm in NY) Send a partial shipment. Some =
items arrive broken. To make amends I say I'll pick up shipping charges. =
I ask for payment on items received.
she says she won't pay until order is complete. Due to occurance 1 I'm =
leary about somebody having my work without some good faith money =
passing in my direction.

3. ...Consignment occurance local... Have my work on consignment =
Feb-June at a winery. Give her a copy of all items shown. I pick up my =
work and tell her amount owed after I do an inventory. She says not =
that many items sold, I'm out 100.00.

Now I understand I have brought much of this on myself by not having =
some firm terms I've given terms over the phone so I have no proof of =
what I've said. my question is what terms do some of you folks have out =
there? What if you never see the person on the other end? Is =
prepayment an option?=20

Discouraged in NY
Kim Marie