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farm salt kiln

updated tue 27 jun 00


mel jacobson on mon 26 jun 00

we had to end up taking out about 8 brick on each
side of the flame way....they lost their integrity of itc
and started to melt during the last firing.
we have replaced them with hard...used trowel eze
and sprayed the inside again with itc 100.

we think we had winter damage, moisture trapped...and with
firing our normal way....we cracked off the itc coating in that
flame way...same both sides.

we are at full speculation, so don't know the answer, and may never.
we are still confident with the fibre, and upper soft brick coating.
i think we should have used hard brick in the flame path to begin
with, but hell, this is a test of tell the truth, and get on with
new 62 firings we are pleased...and to replace 16 brick
in about an hour...and back in business. normal maintenance
written from the farm in wisconsin