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glaze test hal's pale apple cone 7-10 red.-tested at cone 6 ox.

updated mon 26 jun 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sun 25 jun 00

This glaze seemed interesting to me as the ingredients are commonly =
found and
the colorants are ones that I using more of lately. Therefore I tested =
in my kiln as
I normally fire at cone 6 ox. and the results were very good and =


Zinc. ox. 7
Custer Feldspar 40 (I used Forshammer)
Cornwall stone 20
Whiting 20
Kaolin 20

Ochre 6
Rutile 6 =20

In my opinion, this glaze is a keeper for my pallet. Reasonable kilo =
price of materials except for the zinc ox., and very good color and =
surface results.

I do not know how this glaze looks at higher temp. reduction, but in my =
kiln I was very pleased with a=20
mottled,light yellow-green, shiny surface. Where thicker, the green is =
more pronounced but has very soft edges, fading into=20
the a yellowish ground. Brown edges where thin. A tranpsparent glaze =
over it brought up more browns.
A glaze with many color nuances and nice flat surface.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

PS Zink Oxide has almost tripled in price lately. Why would that be?
Now that this test was a success, I will test some of Marica's =
cone 6 red.
glazes in oxidation. Could be exciting..or. Have to test.