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who asked for tongs?

updated sat 24 jun 00


Ron & Nancy on fri 23 jun 00

I am so sorry ,mia copa, mia copa Someone wrote me asked me for the name
of the person that makes tongs to order. I lost your post, but went to
action trying to get the connection for you. But she asked not to give
out her phone number (she computer illiterate and doesn't own a
computer) But she said she would make tongs all day if you wanted them.
She is also in the middle of buying a house and is in transit .ah there
in lie the rub how to get you two together write at my Email and give me
a number she can call you. And for others who are interested she also
makes clay tools to your specifications. I received a set of great tools
for my birthday, from her. She also is an artist. the place she is
trying to buy has an 800 square ft house and a 2000 sq. foot work room.
sounds like a dream for those of us who have studios the size of a
postage stamp. anyway I am sorry I can not find you again and sorry it's
taken this long to answer your post.
Yours Nancy Hamilton -Hughes