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plate/bowl project

updated fri 23 jun 00


Joyce Lee on thu 22 jun 00

Each time I write to Clayart my post seems to jog somebody's memory who
then writes to me asking to view my Clayart Plate Collection, which if
you recall resulted from a birthday gift of money. When the cash was
depleted, some of us struck a deal: a small bowl for a plate. What a
bargain for me! My objective is to complete and mail the remaining bowls
I've said I'd send ... and then "show" my collection. The delay with the
bowls is that most of you have indicated that you prefer a shino bowl
... and you'd like Mel's shino with his orange or Pinnell's Red with
some carbon trapping, and if possible a couple of spots where the glaze
has pulled away from the clay something like Tony's (in an attractive
pattern, of course).... and with maybe a few random dents etc ala
Dannon. I have another batch to fire this next week ... going for the
Mel's, but the other shinos are nice, also... they're feeling rather
neglected. However, although still with MUCH TO LEARN, I am improving at
this shino business. Be forewarned.... part of the attraction is that
all shinos do not look alike ... and even the same shino in one kiln
load has different looks according to placement on my shelves and how
much I've over-fired and how closely I've hit its reduction needs ...
they do seem to flourish around ^11 and beyond. Shinos still are driving
me nuts ... but, like naughty children, on a good day are delightful!

In the Mojave having served breakfast on Mel's plates this early, early
morning on the patio ... suit their purpose exactly, wonderfully
crafted, artistically gorgeous and elegant .... I'm a lucky duck.