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updated fri 12 nov 04


Ron & Nancy on tue 20 jun 00

Dear Mishy,
First long time no talk. good to see you on clay art . As for you tong
problems. go to one of the wrought Iron dealers there in Phx and have
just what you want made up. There is a clay artist here in tucson that
makes alot of the tongs for people here in Tucson. If you talk to a
wrought iron specialist you can get the length ,gauge and style you
need. I hope this helps.
Nancy Hamilton-Hughes

claywomn on thu 11 nov 04

Quite a few years ago I bought three sets of glaze tongs - loved them, =
somehow gave away/misplaced two pair of the original three. =20

Nowadays the glaze tongs are longer, bigger. I find I'm secreting my =
"old" tongs to keep them from overuse. What happened, why is Kemper =
making such "big" tongs? I find the larger tongs allow pots to slip =
sideways and there is less control when dipping pots.

Any ideas out there where I can locate a couple of the older, smaller =

In Upstate Ny on a fine Fall evening