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used kiln

updated fri 27 aug 04


Wayne S Bien on mon 19 jun 00

I am looking at a used kiln from SNO Industries. Has anybody ever had =
any experience with this company.

Wayne Bien

Deborah Evans on wed 14 feb 01


sounds like a good deal. DON'T WORRY ABOUT WARRENTY.
I've taken over el kilns that were older than I was andthey're still
elements die and switches burn out but that's not going to happen for
quite a while. Go w/ it. You didn't mention a kiln sitter?
Anyway, good price and don't worry about warrenty. I'm in a sgroup
studio situation (art center) firing 3 (very old)electric kilns @ 3x's a
month and had to get elements for 1 in the last 3 years. maintaneance is
a breeze on el. kiln, now electric bill .........
enjoy. Deb

gordon jones on mon 23 sep 02

after a long search for all things related to... i found a website for a guy
that rebuilds and also sells used kilns and furniture,look at some pretty good buys on used and rebuilt,also the best deal
around that i have found on scratch and dent shelves/aka warped or chipped.
good luck
gordon j.
eartbound arts
winston salem nc

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Arnold Howard on mon 7 oct 02

Elements are not difficult to replace. A more important
consideration in buying a used kiln is the condition of the bricks.
That is a good indicator of how well the kiln was treated. If the
bricks are in mint condition, the kiln was cared for.

Also, bricks are difficult to replace; elements are easy by

A second important consideration is circuit wiring. Will you need a
new circuit installed? If so, be sure to install the circuit
recommended by the manufacturer. For that, you will need the kiln's
wiring diagram.

The reason I mention this is that Paragon A-series kilns (last made
in 1987) use the 4-wire system. Some electricians insist on
installing a 3-wire circuit for the A-series kilns. But the 4-wire
system is safer. You should be aware of that when buying a used

Sometimes, the used kiln will have the wrong cord. So before
installing the circuit, look at the wiring diagram. Don't depend on
the cord plug as a guide.

With best wishes,

Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, Inc.

--- Lyle & Susie Wissmann wrote:
> Hi!
> We are looking to buy a kiln that the element is burned out. Can
> you tell
> me how expensive elements are, and do they need to be replaced by
> a
> professional.
> Thanks!
> Susie

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Britt Britt on sun 5 oct 03

For more information on a used 66 cu. ft. gas kiln around Asheville NC
contact Tracy Dotson at:


John Britt

Diane Palmquist on thu 26 aug 04

Hi All,
I live in Conn. and am looking for a used(can be old) electric kiln. =
Would like the brick to be in decent condition. I want to convert it to =
gas so elements,kiln sitter/controller can be shot. Would consider other =
states if not too far.
Thanks so much for any help,