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tax payer supported use of clayart(does this sound like a rant:) )

updated tue 20 jun 00


Sheron Roberts on mon 19 jun 00

I am probably wrong, but seems there
would be more concern about on the job
"time thievery" (sounds like tom foolery)=20
involving employees spending
time in chat rooms or playing games, than
email abuse or use, after all, email is=20
compose it, type it, send it. I just can't
imagine some one sitting at a desk sending
out emails for hours at a time. =20
Whereas, chats are
all demanding of ones attention and time,
as is game playing.
Where my husband works, game playing
is a big problem. When the company he
works for computerized all their machinery
the managers asked that the software be
free of any games. You would think that
that request would have been honored for
a plywood mill. Well pretty soon, it was
discovered that every terminal had a copy
of Solitaire running on it. Safety is=20
compromised when someone becomes
engrossed in those type games. It took
a while and a lot of man hours to "clean up"
the computers.
And I have actually been
in chats where a person would type/say
"OOPS gotta go, the boss is coming." This
has happened many many times and not
just in government agencies. It is no more
fair for the average business owner to have
time stolen from him, than the government.
Whether through taxes or forced price=20
increases, due to employee theft, we are
all going to pay, one way or the other.
Sheron in NC