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shipping kilns

updated mon 19 jun 00


mel jacobson on sun 18 jun 00

every kiln manufactured in the u.s.a. and probably elsewhere
is shipped. truck, train, whatever.

if i where going to ship a kiln, i would first call the manufacturer
of that kiln and get a set of instructions for packing.

in most cases they insert a foam and cardboard stabilizer inside
the kiln, foam the outside and put it in a hard cardboard container.
then set it on a pallet.

i must have received 15 or more skutt kilns in my life time and
they all came packed that way....and arrived in perfect shape.
and we know the truckers did not baby them.

i am sure that bailey, geil and others do the same thing, even
with big kilns.

it seems the important thing is getting the inside of the
kiln tight and cannot shift around and loosen the brick.

in the case of moving a kiln, a call to the company of choice
would be a great saving in time and money.