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updated sat 17 jun 00


David Woof on fri 16 jun 00

The web is a great place to sell work but it can also isolate us from
ourselves in ways that you may need at this time.
as an admitted fledgling without much experience,name recognition and an
exhibition record it may be benificial for you to start with some local art
shows. it would be great to recieve immediate recognition and the success of
people and gallerys calling us , but the reality for most of us is that we
got out and "paid our dues" and learned much while paying.

Art fairs and shows are where we recieve face to face input on our work. we
enter a dialoge with people, ourselves and our work in new ways. we see
reaction as well as hear it.
a great deal of human communication is non-verbal. you don't get this
balance from net comments or see the ratio of people who show interest vs
the look and walk away.

not to say that we must pander to the public and sell out our personal
vision but it's a great opportunity to ask and recieve answers to; " what am
i doing and what is it getting me."

and very importantly, you will get to hear yourself think and speak as you
attempt to discuss and defend your work and ideas. you will find things
you've missed, things you may wish to change- new ideas to play with-
growth- a great opportunity.

the public is a great jury if one wishes to sell and depend on this income.
we learn to give them a little of what they want while we work to educate
them about our vision- entice them, seduce them, help them see.

this is ment to be encoueagement to get out and start cultivating your
personal public. do some grass roots shows, visit area elementary schools as
visiting artist, do hands on demonstrations at every opportunity, every
invite, no matter how "hoaky" it seems.

the web is a great tool but don't sit and wait, make work, have it
overflowing out your studio doors and all over the yard.

work not to sell, but for the fascination and wonder of it all, and it will

sell it, give it away, get it out there. remember we are only six people
away from a human network of sixes that encompass the world.



David Woof
Earth and Fire Studios
Fax: 413-812-6395

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