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ceramic book information

updated wed 14 jun 00


iandol on mon 12 jun 00

I would like to make a polite request to those who tell us about books. =
It may take you a couple of minutes more to make your posting but it may =
make life a little easier for those who may wish to purchase a book or =
get the librarian to make a request on the interlibrary loan circuit.

Please give as much information as possible. If the book is within your =
grasp, add ISBN ref, Publisher, Date, Edition and City. Giving the =
Edition Number or reprint date can be very important. Take Lawrence and =
West as an example (Lawrence, W. G. and West, R. R.. Ceramic Science for =
the Potter. ISBN 0-8019-7155-1. 2nd Ed 1982. Chilton Book Co. Radnor, =
Penn..) There are two editions, 1972 and 1982. They have differing =

Ivor Lewis. South Australia. Where books are now going to be taxed