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the value of books.

updated tue 13 jun 00


iandol on sun 11 jun 00

I echo Tims Havens=92 sentiments about the value of contacting The =
American Ceramics Society. Getting into the Abstracts and having access =
to original papers enables those who wish to do some serious research =
reading achieve their aim. Officers of this organisation have been most =
generous to me over the years.

Perhaps the cumulative index of papers and abstracts could be published =
annually on CD. This would be a wonderful tool for some of us.

Re: Evaluation of ceramics text books. It would be good to read some =
which explain things in ways which show their authors do not =
misunderstand Basic Principles. Some recent publications are citing =
texts which do not give instruction and explanations relating to =
fundamental concepts, only information. Their rewrites or precis may =
contain errors. Bibliographies are good, but references to original =
researchers are better.

Ivor. In S. Oz. Reading The Editors Manual.