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copper red in oxidation,but not for cone 6

updated tue 13 jun 00


Wade Blocker on sun 11 jun 00

Here are two copper red glazes for oxidation that work and that are
D.Perkins CM April 54
Artificial red cone 9 oxidation

Nepheline Syenite 126.l
EPK l6.0
Zinc oxide calcined l6.4
Whiting 42.6
Talc 12.5
Flint 84.3
Tin Oxide 1.8
Silicon carbide 600 mesh 1.2
Copper carb 1.8

Beautiful warm red where thick, excellent for bowls. Use on porcelain. I
used it on Laguna's Kenji

Littlefield CM Jan 70
Artificial reduction #1 cone 9

Soda spar 53%
Whiting l5
Talc 4
Zinc oxide 5
Koalin 6
Flint l7

add tin oxide 1.0
Cu oxide 0.3
Silicon carbide FFF 0.3

Apply somewhat thick, do not overfire. very good on porcelain.paler red
than the Perkins recipe

CM Jan 70
Artificial reduction #3 cone 9

Ferro frit 3191 l5%
soda spar 33
Whiting l5
koalin 5
flint 32
Tin oxide 1.0
cu oxide 0.2
silicon carbide 0.2

beautiful mottled purplish red with white on Kenji porcelain
beautiful mottled gloss blue on white stoneware

nb I have experimented extensively with artificial reduction glazes. Some
recipes just result in a liverish red, some were too dark or too sparsely
colored. The above recipes can also be used successfully in a reduction
For a time I had both electric and gas fired kilns.
There was a query about silicon carbide. As you can see the above recipes
contain a very small amount of very finely ground silicon carbide. If you
are looking for a crater glaze you use a coarser grind of silicon carbide
added to any glaze and use a larger percentage of silicon carbide about 3%
for a start..

I have recently seen a recipe for cone5 to 6 artificial reduction.If I come
across it again I will print it for Clayart. Obviously it will not be
Mia in ABQ