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cone 6 satin oxidation glazes

updated mon 12 jun 00


R Schroeder on sat 10 jun 00

Dear bonnie etal looking for great ^ 5-6 ox glazes I'll throw in my two =
cents. I did hundreds of test tiles with combinations of dozens of =
glazes and has a rule the plain ole straight glazes from the recipes =
were duller than dirt. HOWEVER when I did combinations and overlappings =
and just generally fiddling around I got some great results. Many from =
the clayart archives. Especially interesting were Nancy's pink icing =
over or under just about anything. Ditto for Xaviers Warm Jade, Oatmeal =
Satin, Turquoise, Tenmoku Gold and Shino"fake"

If you can't find the recipes for these in the archieves email =
me and I'll send them to you.

Now if someone would just send me a nice interesting copper red looking =
recipes (yeah yeah I know I need reduction but I don't have it and =
probably never will) I'd be MOST happiest potter in the southwest.

Becky Schroeder

> I'm always on the lookout for satin glazes for cone 5-6 oxidation. =
> you could email me some of your t ried and true? (I use a porcelain =
and a
> couple of stonewares.) Good luck with your search for pitted glazes.