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lucky japanese children eat their lunch out of the national

updated thu 8 jun 00


Eloise VanderBilt on tue 6 jun 00

living treasure's bowls.

Aiko's post reminded me of something. Years ago when our children were
attending yochien (Japanese kindergarten), I got a note asking me to come
and see the principal. Apparently my two little girls were being teased
because their lunches were not made and packed artfully enough. Two kind
Japanese mothers agreed to teach me how to make the properly artful rice
lunch. Everyone benefitted.

Donald Burroughs on tue 6 jun 00

living treasure's bowls.

Yes Aiko...I can imagine that even though I am not japanese. What a lucky
and wise society to place such value on a creatively made eating vessel.
These children will have a mental remnant- visual and textural.

Sincerely, Donald Burroughs

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Subject: Lucky Japanese children eat their lunch out of the national
living treasure's bowls.

Hi all,

There were posts in the Japanese pottery mailing list about the school lunch
serving dishes.
Some lamented the artless plastic dishes that were used for the school
Some worried the ill effect on the Japanese children's ability to appreciate
good pottery.
Then someone said that in the Mino region the school lunches were served
in the bowls made by a national living treasure who lived near by.

Can you imagine that?

Because you do not have such institution like National living Treasure in
you may not be able to imagine what a big deal that is. But it is a big
deal, indeed
for any Japanese.

Each year this national living treasure potter decides which style of
pottery he is going to make for the new students, Oribe, Shino and so on.
What a nice man ! What lucky children!

Aiko Ichimura
NW DC 20036 USA

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