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updated fri 9 jun 00


jboalick@RUNET.EDU on wed 7 jun 00

I am currently graduating with my second bachelors degree in art
education. I am looking for some possible suggestions on what to do next.

I am pretty much a beginner(I have only taken 2 semesters of ceramics
so far) and I want to move towards making this my profession possible
becoming a studio potter or college level teacher.
I am not really wanting to go back and get a BFA degree which would
make it my third undergraduate degree, but am not sure if I could get into
any of the schools I have been looking into for graduate work(Penn state,
Ohio state, Edinboro, Alfred, Rhode island school of design, RIT)
My question is would it be a good idea to A. Work on my own for a
while? B. Be an apprentice to another potter to gain experience? C. Teach in
the public school system and work on the side and summers off to build up my
skills? D. Go back after I graduate and get a BFA in ceramics Or E. Go ahead
and apply to graduate schools and see if I get accepted?
I am not sure if anyone else out there has had any similar experiences
with this. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.

John Boalick

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