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art (fwd) -- really???? (ahem!...)-philip

updated fri 9 jun 00


Philip Poburka on wed 7 jun 00

------Original Message------

If we are 'good' will 'they' give us back a little of ourselves?
How good must we be? How 'clever'? How subservient?

...something of a mood shift now...feel like I did in High School, eyelids
narrow, contracted pupils...adrenalin seeping...
it begins:
- somewhat 'playful'-
( not much, but 'somewhat') (~+~) or (-.-) ?

With respect...abstract:not 'to' anyone...

Having reached in myself what was sometimes referred to as the 'age of
reason'- which I recall to have
been coincident with certain curiosities about Girls, the World at
large,and something like what is called 'History'- I have never since
suceeded in
experiencing either respect, admiration nor a calm Heart for our post 'New
Deal' Federal
Government, nor it's Systems of Taxation (with all due regard to
'deductions'). Nor have I managed to experience it with anything less than
disappointment and revultion, and embaressment. I find that it appears to
involve the Betrayal
of the American People, and the American Peoples betrayal and surrender of

It began to seem almost forgivable when I imagined it in light of a kind of
Cultural Senescence, its attending stupifactions, disorientations, and
delusional reveries of 'self-interest'...
'forgetfullness' and general ontological delerium.

Our income 'Tax' system I believe CAN be 'seen' as the insult it really is.
At best, a mockery which seeks to appease the exploited with sops, and
condescension,to patronise and encourage mostly low grade cleverness and
plutocracy, to 'encourage' mediocrity,
greed and an overall banalification of practical living.To make every one
'dishonest' even if only that they accept the tainted imposition at all. To
Intimidate and
Punish with impossible Beurocratic consequenses, and "protection-racket"
brutality particularly those whom it perceives as convenient victims.
It exudes a scent which I find reminescent of the
Inquisitional Starchambers, Fascist Blackjacks, The 'SS','organised crime'
and other of Histories exemplars of how Dead Souls canibalise the dim or the

I see it as inimical to all what is, or might be, good. I construe it to be
a corrupt and corrupting influence, bye and large, an insturmentality of a
larger 'game' of Power for the sake of Power... an imposition, a violation,
and per force an often less than thinly veiled contempt of the populace,
whom it regards as chattel.

A Nation or a People who loose their self respect,will tend to be exploited
and hated by their Government, which IS the 'them' that
they accept,hating themselves... IS the living insult, between them and
It is arguably calculated to provide and ascend ever more inconceivable
heights of waste,ultimately the wasteing away of a Culture and a Nation, its
Integrity, Responsibilities, Noblesse Oblige, Opportunities for authentic
deeds, fulfilments, etc.

I do and must dispute the notion that my nervous system, my body, the fruits
of my
imagination and labor are owned by Beurocracy, or Government, or any other
gang of spiritual paupers/n'er do wells, usurpers,bullies or any other
boorish neocratic would be
successors to the Fuedal 'Lords of the Mannor'.
I was given to understand
in Grammar School that 'serfdom' was a peculiarity of some bye-gone
time, promelgated by 'others'...yet I see it continueing to perpetuate in
disguises, 'culturally' sanctioned, conditioned, complascently absorbed in
the psychology of millions.

Were I to assert what is, or must be, my responsibilities as a Citizen,
rather than a chattle, I should think there a duty to refrain from
Treason,and from being a complicitor to Treason
both against the Human Spirit,and against the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF
RIGHTS, which we may be pleased to recall represent the AGREEMENTS between a
people and the Government they required.
I should refrain from being party to complicities of and to Treason, by
colluding with, or patronising those who Break and are breaking those/these
Agreements...I cannot avoid the
conclusion that the recent and present codition of 'Government' and 'Income
Tax' IS tantamount to TREASON...And hence,IS, and should be found

I should send Flowers to the Grave of Thomas Paine, rather than
presently to 'write my "representative" -
I perceive these 'representatives'
to render banal, and make absurd, all of that which our souls, would
admonish we make earnest.


Philip Poburka
Las Vegas, Nevada

------Original Message------
From: Stephen Pilachowski
Sent: June 4, 2000 3:00:43 AM GMT
Subject: Re: Art (fwd) -- Really????

Nils Lou forwarded a message from Judy Onofrio advocating passage
of a bill (Bill HR3249) to allow artists to deduct market value for
donations of their work to charity

I am of the exact opposite opinion.

I ask people to contact their elected reps to urge them to vote this
measure DOWN. The purpose of tax deductions for charitable giving
is not to help the donor, but to encourage donations to charity. I do
not think that this measure will help charities all that much.

Under the present law, as described in the forwarded message, it is just
easy for an artist to sell a piece at a price reflecting market value;
then he
or she can donate the proceeds to charity, which can then, of course,
whatever art it deems appropriate, or can use the money for some other
worthwhile purpose. That's why is called "market value", not "potential

The bill advocated by Judy Onofrio, and I guess by Nils Lou,
solves a problem that does not exist.

Stephen Pilachowski

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