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cone 6 glaze/copper penny look (recipe)

updated mon 5 jun 00


Andie on sat 3 jun 00

I think I missed the original question, but wanted to list a glaze -

Oil Spot
(Don't remember where I got it)
^ 6-9
(NOTES: very cool!!! Metallic glossy black with copper (orangy)
metallic flashes in it. MUST be applied evenly, though, doesn't flow much at
all from when firing in range of cones 5-7 (Do Not Brush - looks icky) Once
application figured out, very dependable.
Also, when a cobalt blue is applied over it, it fans out into the black
almost like a mochaware effect!! Looks just like the photos of old oil spot
pots from Japan that I have in some books!)
EPK 4.90

Feldspar 78.85

Whiting 5.48

Gerstley Borate 10.75

Copper Carb 4.13

Manganese Dioxide 4.13

Cobalt Oxide 2.07

: ) Andie

PS: I am so impressed with Stephen's page & glazes - I'd like to offer the
same thing, if anyone sees a glaze they like on my webpage, please just
email and I'll send you the recipe.