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andie's standard consignment agreement (long)

updated mon 5 jun 00


Andie on sat 3 jun 00

Okay, let me know if this doesn't come through well - I'm sending my =
standard consignment contract below. Please note that this is what works =
for me, personally, but might not work as well for others. As an aside, =
I insist upon my own terms of simply setting a price I will receive and =
then allowing the store or gallery to set the retail price because I've =
been burned by stores that put things on sale, and also because it takes =
me out of the, "I don't like to see my artist's work selling higher =
across town" conversation. It also improves my sales, because each store =
or gallery can price to their clientele. Also, it sounds harsh, even to =
me, to ask that they not sell identical items by other artists, but I =
found out the hard way that even in a gallery or shop you have to be =
prepared to protect yourself from someone copying your pieces exactly, =
setting them right next to yours on the shelf, and undercutting your =
prices. So far, not one place has even questioned it, though, so it must =
be an okay thing to ask for, at least out here. Also, I keep notes when =
something comes up with a store or gallery, and revise my agreement and =
price list every year, in January.

As for the article from the Craft Report, if no one has yet come up with =
it online I'll try to get it mailed this week. It will have to go out as =
an attachment, so I'll only be sending it to those who have emailed me =
personally asking for it, unless someone else has a better idea. I =
wonder if they have a magazine website & if it's up there - it should =

: ) andie

Consignment Contract

Between Handful of Earth, consignor, and _________________________, =

This consignment contract is subject to the following terms and =

1.. It is understood that the consignee will display the merchandise =
and offer it for sale.
2.. The consignor will receive the prices given for items on =
attachment, "Wholesale/Consignment Prices 2000".
3.. The consignee will have the exclusive right to determine the =
retail selling price.
4.. Once in possession of the merchandise, the consignee will be =
responsible for loss or damage to the merchandise, limited to the price =
of merchandise given on attachment, "Wholesale/Consignment Prices 2000".
5.. The consignee will calculate the sales at the end of each month =
and pay consignor by the 15th of the following month.
6.. Consignor must give 15 days notice before removing work from =
7.. Consignee will agree to display merchandise for no less than =
three months before returning unsold items to consignor.
8.. Any shipping or handling charges will be the responsibility of =
the consignee.
9.. The consignee will receive a 10% commission on any special =
orders or sales to retail customers derived from the consignee=92s =
display or sales of merchandise.
10.. The consignee agrees not to display identical merchandise by =
other artists while displaying the work of the consignor.
11.. Handful of Earth agrees to provide the consignor with slides or =
photos of recent work and a portrait, a biography, a resume, an artist's =
statement, glaze information, publicity and press release notes, a short =
mailing list for publicity, and other reasonable information, as =

______________________________________ =

Representative of consignor/date representative of consignee/date