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a stable cone 10 black satin glaze

updated mon 5 jun 00


John Hesselberth on sat 3 jun 00

Anne Worner has again been developing and testing glazes. She has now
developed a very nice Black Satin Cone 10 oxidation glaze. It is very
stable with a good mix of fluxes and plenty of alumina and silica. Cobalt
leaching is less than 0.05 mg/l (the detectable limit). I'm posting it
with her permission. Anne has also supplied photos of the glaze on her
porcelain pots both with and without the cobalt (it is a black/brown
without the cobalt). You can see them on my site at:

Worner Black

Custer Feldspar 35.65
Whiting 6.09
Dolomite 10.43
Flint 28.70
EPK 19.13

RIO 10
Cobalt Carbonate 1.5

Thanks Anne! Does anyone else have any results to send to me??

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