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today on as the wheel turns...

updated sun 4 jun 00


priddy on fri 2 jun 00

Bozeman challenges Vince in a way men don't usually tread,
regarding his capacity to support himself and his family.

In our neck of the country, this would be "fightin words".

How did this personal attack get past the mayor?

And although Vince handled it with aplomp, it still is in the realm
of viciousness that is beneath such a list as ours.

I have heard several people suggest that you sit on your posts for a whil=
before sending them. I don't really care for this, as the spontaneity of=

the "conversation" we all are having is lost if you can't just go ahead =

and throw it out, especially now that it is clayart allday(which I like).=

How about this test though: if you catch yourself getting hot under the =

collar as you write, edit specially looking for "to the man" arguments =

that don't add anything to your point as this is where we usually go awry=

let's keep it worth reading, folks...

respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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