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electric reduction/sawdust

updated thu 1 jun 00


mel jacobson on wed 31 may 00

very soon many of you will be reducing in your
electric kilns thanks to nils and itc.
once those coils are covered with metal coat
itc, and a spray of itc 100 they will not oxidize.
(oxidize is similar to silicon (e) thanks tom buck.

kurt wild threw more sawdust on top of fires full of blackware
than you can shake a stick at. he taught us how.
we did it fast, a 5 gallon pail full at a time.
step back fast.
don't wear polyester...(only cotton touches this body)
never had a problem.

as was stated today lowell baker induces more sawdust into
kilns than anybody. we call him mr. sawdust. (see nils' book for

use good sense, wear a face shield (chain saw guys do it), apron.
or ask kurt to fly in and do it for you.
old `one eyed jack` is a master saw dust thrower.
he, also at almost 70, climbs on top of kilns and set stacks.
hell, we make him do all the impossible things at the farm.
`hey, get kurt to do that, it is dangerous, or get dannon, no, she
has a bad toe.`
well, anyway. good sense is the best teacher.
so, you lose your eyebrows...big deal. they grow back.