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updated wed 31 may 00


Liz Gowen on tue 30 may 00

I am also interested in ways to better use the web to market since I can no
longer physically do craft shows. I think it would benefit many of us to try
to find better ways to market on the web, whether it be Ebay or another site
I have not put anything up on Ebay yet(hope to eventually) but search
occasionally and purchased once to see the process through. The hardest part
I have found is to find the pieces. Seems the more words put in the
description the more categories it comes up in.
" art, pottery, ceramics, porcelain, potters name.... This is where it would
be helpful to perhaps as a group get a category title where our work could
be found. Perhaps on clayart we could come up with a title i.e.
"contemporary potters"? Next step is to convince Ebay to add this category.
If it will generate more business they should be interested since they get a
cut of the pie. There are categories like southern pottery, California
pottery, but they also have the older stuff from the now defunct potteries
(collectibles) in there as well which makes the site too large to go
through. The other thing that could be useful for web marketing is when
someone sends a query about the work keep an emailing list and send out
notices every so often about new work you are putting up. Maybe establish a
pattern of when you put work on the web 1st or 15th of the month, every
month and let it be known on your listings to perhaps develop a following.
Just a few thoughts
Liz Gowen NJ USA
Pheww I went through clayart withdraw for the last several days.
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From: Earl Brunner
Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 6:36 PM
Subject: Ebay

>Tom Coleman had a couple of pots on Ebay last week. It was
>his first attempt on Ebay. He has 5 more pots that just
>went up.
>If you have had experience selling on Ebay, could you
>suggest strategies?
>Earl Brunner
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