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re cone 6 glazes website

updated wed 31 may 00


Wade Blocker on sat 27 may 00

re cone 6 glazes,

What a wonderful idea of yours and how generous of you to publish your
results with pictures and recipes!
My biggest interest in clay work has always been glazing. you will
have to excuse this lack of using capitals. i had recent surgery and my
left arm is in a sling. so i am typing with one hand.
needless to say every potter has his favorite glazes, and what is beautiful
for one might not be in the eyes of another beholder. much of course
depends on the shape of the work it is on.this makes me think of the
natzlers. he was responsible for the glazes. she threw the pots.the
miniature versions i saw in the la county museum, were like jewels. after
her death he applied the same glazes to his ,slab built ware, the glazes
were not harmonious with his work.
i have not found too many glazes from the clayart archives. that i
wish to incorporate in my work. cm mainly caters to reduction firing cone
suddenly ,yesterday stephen's pottery gave recipes and pictures of lovely
cone 6 glazes and today your article followed. i can hardly wait for the
next four weeks to be over to try two of the very nice glazes that you
have listed. i look forward to more of your work with glazes. thank you
again for undertaking such a tedious task. mia in abq