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sv: re: soda ash wash technique

updated sat 27 may 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on fri 26 may 00

Thanks Dannon for the explaination. I was recently looking at a Ceramic =
Monthly from May, and in it, it features candlesticks by Cynthia =
Bringle. I am totally stuck on them and their surface. It seems from =
what you say, that I can achieve that clayish, brownish, oranish a =
little bit shiny patches, surface with soda ash. Cannot wait to try in =
the next glaze. =20

To anyone who has tried this in an electric kiln..
I am protective of my old Dagny kiln, and am thus wondering if the soda =
ash leaves any undesireable effects on the elements or kiln walls, that =
may resurface in another glaze firing?

Thanks and excited to try this,
Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

It is always amazing how many ways you can cut a clay pie!

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Fra: Dannon Rhudy
Dato: 26. maj 2000 14:30
Emne: Re: Soda Ash wash technique

>....he mentions a soda ash wash technique on raw clay that he learned =
>Dannon and Mel. Would it be possible to hear from you how this is =
>Is it possible with an electric kiln.......
>To make the wash of soda ash, make a saturated solution in
>very hot water. A little goes a long way, try mixing
>about a half-cup at a time. Then, just brush it on the
>unglazed bisqueware. If you let it sit for a while, you
>will note little crystals, like fine salt, on the surface
>of the ware. Experiment a bit, because thickness definitely
>affects appearance. Too thin, not much happens. Too thick,
>it will turn greenish/glassy, or clear glassy. Not great.
>On light clays or porcelains, a toasty warm orange. On
>clays with a lot of iron, a much darker tone. Slight gloss,
>the clay shows through. I believe there are some people on
>the list who are using it in electric kilns - perhaps they'll
>volunteer their experience. It affects glazes, too, in various
>ways, but you'd have to test.
>Dannon Rhudy
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