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updated sat 27 may 00


priddy on fri 26 may 00

In each of the products I make, I have incorporated into the design =

a feature that will be unique to that one while not adding any time or
work to the production process. This design work is real and hard work.

Using a wide variety of clay stamps to decorate the feet of my cups.

Using the painting area of the tile pieces to allow me some freedom =

to paint as I choose on each piece, 150 painted and plenty of life to go.=

Choosing a method of decoration that is fresh and immediate, rather than
a labor with many repetitive steps. (I don't know what yours is like)

Making the serving ware's decoration vary as a feature rather than a bug.=

Good luck with this. This is the hard part. If you can adapt your line
to make a little room for you to "play" with it in some way as you work,
it will releive the monotany. Also, schedule your work so that your =

routine varies from day to day to stop you from burning out. Especially
the static work can be set up in one area that you can work a while, =

leave and go do something more interesting, come back and pick right =

back up. If it is truly your bread and butter, it deserves some =

dedicated space and it will save you set up time and allow you some =

fexibility in your personal work schedule.

And the coup de radio. As maddening as it can be, talk radio=

makes the time fly for me. I listen all day out in the studio. Either =

that or cd's, regular radio's blaring comercials are unbearable for me.
Some people listen to CNN or MSNBC on television with the same effect.
I save the really bothersome tasks for NPR in the evening.

Anyway, gotta go NPR's All Things Considered is coming on =

and I need to pressform some boxes...


respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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