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cone 6 glazes website

updated sat 27 may 00


waverock@C3NET.NET on fri 12 may 00

A while ago on clayart Jonathan Kaplan mentioned that his studio gets many
of its best glazes by line blending two glazes together. I just got around
to trying this and got some good results doing it. I have posted these
results (recipes and pictures) on a website I created to share cone 6 glazes.

If you visit, clik on any picture to bring up a larger version. The glazes
that I considered successful have larger pics than the ones that were duds.

I also have some pics of my electric-gas combination kiln on the site too.
I got all of the info on how to make this work in Nils Lou's book "The Art
of Firing".

I haven't converted my slides into jpegs yet so there are no pot pictures
on the site. Just cone 6 glazes that I scanned.

If you have any comments or questions about the site you can e-mail on or
off the list.

The site is located at

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan USA