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"cone 6 copper penny glaze" and "stephen's website"

updated sat 27 may 00


TheClosetPotter@AOL.COM on fri 26 may 00

Hi Stephen.

I visited your site; not at all crude (as you suggest), more like simplicity
itself as your lovely forms and glaze finishes speak for themselves.

I was quite taken with the effects you achieved using different glaze
combinations in the cone 6 electric range, in particular Dale Huffman's
Saturated Iron Oxide over Gibby's Khaki as well as Gibby's Khaki over
Floating Blue; just lovely. I was delighted to then discovered that you also
listed the recipes for the glazes you used to achieve those effects with a
description of the order in which you applied them.

I enjoyed the visit to your site and want to thank you for sharing it with
all of us.


Linda Paul
Kew Gardens, New York

<< You can see the effect (as well as the glaze recipes) at
This is just a start at a site to show my pottery and related stuff -
apologies for the crudeness. Check it out in case it is what you are
looking for.
Stephen Pilachowski