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plates: notches, two holes

updated thu 25 may 00


priddy on wed 24 may 00

I second all this, and also:

Last year I made many 15" Mermaid plates and was having problems
with S cracks and the hanging thing.

I found that when I notched the plates' foot rings
all my firing woes went away. I think the plate needs
the way out for the air trapped under the foot while firing.
With the notch, no warping, cracking, nothing.

I have incorporated this notch in my dinner plates also, all plates.
When I describe the "feature" to the customer, they get all =

excited, something to tell the dinner guests about.

Also, I prefer two small holes drilled close to each other.
Then use 18 or larger guage wire through them both, no
washers needed, raffia wrapped wire is very attractive. =

I have also found that the hanging holes, if close to the plate
bottom, will serve as dishwasher flow throughs, but the notch is better.


Dannon Rhudy wrote:
> >when making plates, at least larger plates,
> >drill a hole in the ring foot
> .....1/4 inch hole is fine.
> .
> ... makes a great place to put a small wire to
> >hang the plate.......
> >
> =

> I second this idea. Anytime you make something wider than a
> standard upper kitchen cabinet - 11"-12" - drill one or
> two holes in the ring foot so that a wire loop can be
> added after firing. Makes it easy to store on the wall.
> I also notch the foot, for dishwasher reasons.
> =

> regards
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> Dannon Rhudy
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respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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